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Single Beam Hid Headlight Kits:

Bi-Xenon Hid Headlight Kits:

hid conversion kit advantages banner hid conversion kit

Increase headlight visibility by at least 200%
Water Resistant
HID Plug & Play
15 minutes installation
Guaranteed no on board error messages
Guaranteed no flickering
HID Kits Made and Designed in Germany
Top quality AC bulbs and AC ballasts
Upgrades the look of your vehicle
DOT Approved

bulb temperatures

sample off sample 3000k sample 5000k sample 6000k sample 8000k sample 12000k sample 10000k
  • lights off Lights off
  • 3000K Bulbs 3000K
  • 5000K Bulbs 4300K
  • 6000K Bulbs *6000K
  • 8000K Bulbs 8000K
  • 10000K Bulbs 10000K
  • 12000K Bulbs 12000K


CarXenonHIDKits offers a great selection of bulb temperatures!


8000K: RICH BLUE - 10000K: PURE BLUE - 12000K: RICH PURPLE

What are HID Xenon Lights?

HID Lamp are the brightest auto lights available today. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge and replaces the filament in a bulb with Xenon gas. When exposed to high voltage the gas is ignited and produces a beam of light that is 3 times brighter than regular halogen bulbs.

Xenon HID Light Advantages:

High brightness: both its luminous flux and illuminated area are three times that of the halogen tungsten lamp.

Long lifetime: the lifetime of lamp is more than 15000 hours, that's around ten times more life than halogen tungsten lamp.

Safer: provides you with a more comfortable, wider, farther visual field, Waterproof, shockproof, and excellent in performance.

Low power consumption: the power of xenon metal halide lamp for a vehicle is only around half of tungsten halogen lamp but emitting 3 time's the amount of of light.

Quick start:25% of objective luminous flux can be reached within 1 second, 80% of objective luminous flux can be reached within 4 second.

We Sell The Best Made in Germany Hid Light Kits

CarXenonHIDKits.com offer the largest selection of HID Conversion Kits that fits all the cars, motorcycles, trucks, SUV's, snowmobiles and vtt's models on the market. Our Hid light Kits are made and designed in Germany. We sell only Premium AC Ballasts and AC bulbs for optimum performance. Order your Xenon Hid Light Kit today and benefit of our LifeTime Warranty and Free Shipping.